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A great FIRST day at Aultsville Theatre Foyer Gallery, one of the many 2017 Apples and Art Studio Tour destinations. The artists will be there again on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

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Apples and Art Studio Tour is just 1 week away

Check out this video of the kind of action you will see September 23 & 24

don't forget to drop by OBO Studios

This weekend!!!! Apples and Art Studio Tour, September 23-24. If you're looking for us...DON'T look at the map on the brochure. You'll find us where you always have at 44 Pitt St, above AXXIS OPTICAL . (A million thanks to Pierre and Julie for letting us stay a while longer!)

10 artists - 1 location

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Alexandria artist won bronze medal from France. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Voici la photo de ce que j'ai reçu aujourd'hui....
J'ai reçu ma médial de bronze avec le certificat pour la médial gagner en France pour ma toile Feu de corail, ainsi qu'un autre certificat de grande distinction provenant de la Belgique pour cette même toile... Suivit de deux diplôme d'honneur du salon de la France ainsi que de la Belgique....

Another stop to explore during the Apples and Art Tour = at Aultsville Hall SLC