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July 3

2015-07-01_2303CELEBRATING OUR OWN

Making It To The Top They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice at the same place. Well yes it does if you are above everything else around you. Such is the case of Bernard Carrière whose photograph was selected as the cover of Photo Element Techniques. Bernard who is partnered by his wife, Helen (she does the computer part), succeeds over and over at capturing nature’s magic moments for all of us to enjoy. The Carrières have had their work published several times in the last few years. Success never gets old.

As an amateur photographer, I am in admiration of someone who can spend hours at that special place, waiting, ready, knowing, hoping…often cold or maybe hot anticipating that critical moment when nature cooperates.

The picture that won the accolades is that of a blue jay in flight. The motion of the wings is captured as a blur, giving movement yet with a soft stillness. The colors are complimentary and hold the viewer’s eye in a visual rhapsody. Sadly we are a little spoiled by an overdose of modern technology and fail to appreciate the commitment that the art of photography requires.

Let us toast the photographer and the extended eye and thank them for capturing those mini-seconds we would otherwise miss. Bernie is also a gifted teacher and has spoken to the Focus Art members about the rules that guide his work. Hopefully he will be able to return and share with us once again the pleasure of his art.

2015-07-01_2304Visual Artist of the Year…And the Winner is…Chad Coleman

A young man has appeared on the local art scene with a unique art presentation of artistically cut images. Chad Coleman‘s art reflects “slow art”, when time, meditation, planning is required to achieve the final product. “A Bonsai on canvas”. Still young, 38, partner to Laura and father to Lily his 3year old daughter, Chad stepped away from music to discover the visual arts. He did not take the academic road to this medium but found his best teachers in the wealth of art books at the Cornwall Library.

After experimenting, Chad chose a form of art that takes no short cuts and requires skill and precision. He uses a xacto knife to precisely cut away beautiful patterns on thick paper, which he then applies to a complimentary colour. The effect is captivating.

Chad showed his work at the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery at the St. Lawrence College in Brockville, won recognition at the TAG juried show and now has been voted artist of the year at the Seeker’s awards 2015. He is involved in the community through the Focus Art Board, and his latest project is to promote a gathering of the arts on Sept. 19 at the Social on Sydney: See You in September. Visit Chad:

After living in Toronto, he knows that Cornwall is able to create an artistic, vibrant community and he wants to do his part. Congratulation Chad.

2015-07-01_2304_001Realism Touches Them Best The artwork of Liane Geoffrion brings smiles to the residents and visitors at GlenStorDun lodge during the months of June and July. The themes of her paintings evoke memories of days gone by and her brush and palette accurately mirror those times. Liane, who recently participated in the exhibition of La Semaine française is now enjoying her newly created studio in her home where she gives courses in painting with acrylics.   

ribfestposterRIBFEST IS GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY! I attended the Focus Art planning meeting for RIBFEST on Tuesday along with 10 other volunteers and I am impressed with the care and organization the team has put in preparing for this event. So many are responding to the call by Linda Geisel, president, and Louise Mignault, vice-president who are both avid planners. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Whether you put in your art, perform or volunteer to help out, I am convinced you will be proud of the outcome. So don’t delay. Be part of the action. Call: Liane Geoffrion: 613-534-5234 or 
Linda Geisel: 613-330—5662 or 
Louise Mignault : 613-703-8127 And find out what you can do. Drop off your art: July 21&22 at Elaine’s, 109 Kingslea     Call Elaine for more details: 613-938-8315.

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