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Montréal Road is a little pale lately. Stores are empty and a few important businesses have relocated yet beautiful condos are springing up near the waterfront claiming industrial architecture. St-Lawrence College, the Port and Aultsville Theatres find their home there. A few good restaurants, two way traffic and modern buildings such as Dubuc’s Eye Care and Medical Arts and others add to the historical flavor of the area.

This textured neighborhood is a living memory of the early days of Cornwall’s past as a bustling mill town. Last week it was the backdrop for two important festivals La Semaine française and African Festival June 6.

Le Centre culture de Cornwall was the steering committee for La Semaine française and its headquarters were at 327 Montreal Road.

2015-06-11_1046In the picture artist Kathleen Morin steps for a break. Note French Week mascot Mr. Pois in the left corner.

What an amazing building for hosting a festival and exhibition. The space is large, the ceilings are high and in the center of the area are stairs leading to a loft where a student exhibit from La Citadelle adorns the walls. In a back salon, La Société de généologie du St-Laurent has hundreds of memorabilia covering the last 50 years of the area.

Now that La Semaine française is over, Le Centre culturel, who had rented the building for a month has left the space to the artist exhibition and genealogy.

Some artists are working to demonstrate their skill until June 25th while hosting the exhibition. Others are there to chat with the public.

It’s a great occasion for Councilors, art lovers and patrons of the arts to visit an area of town where an art studio, space and gallery would be a boost.

The thoughtful gesture on the part of the Board of Le Centre culturel is well noted by the art community. Focus Art invites everyone to stroll down to this area, take in the exhibition, which is open between 1 and 5 every day and enjoy a Pizza at one of the local restaurants.


La Semaine française est terminée en grand spectacle et joie. Le plaisir continue grâce à l’esprit de partenariat du Centre culturel qui a invité l’association Focus Art à accueillir le public pendant les trois dernières semaines du mois de juin.

Venez admirer les toiles de Claudette Pilon, Roger Levac, Sylvie Labrecque, Marcel Quesnel, Kathleen Morin, Carolyn H. Davis, Elaine Arkright, Jennifer Raby, Brenda Burnside et Marc Carrière.

L’artiste à l’accueil sera probablement à l’oeuvre sur son dernier projet et se fera un plaisir de vous en parler.

BANNERS on Pitt and Water streets.

 Have you noticed the beautiful banners celebrating life in our friendly city? These banners are the work of local artists commissioned to illustrate the highlights of living in Cornwall. We are pleased to brag about our members Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, Margot Boucher and Emily MacLeod who are among these contributors. It is great to see the city encouraging local talent. Kudos to all.

RIBFEST JULY 24, 25, 26

Be sure to red circle these days on your calendar. For the first time Focus Art will host a tent with exhibition, activities and performance art. You heard it here. Get your art ready. Save some time to do some volunteering.

We are bringing the visual arts to the festival…


Don’t hesitate. Call Linda now: 613-330-5662 or email:

Focus Art has a Website. Is your page up to date? Are there images of your work? Have you refreshed your images lately? You can’t sell if you don’t show. We have PayPal.

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