Next membership meeting

January 3rd at 7pm

Center Charles Emile Claude

146 Chevrier Ave.

Happy new year and the very best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and creative 2019.

“Getting to Know You “

Bring your painting gear and a favorite painting you have done to show us. We also ask you to bring your ideas of what you would like to see in the arts community in Cornwall.

It is the 15th anniversary of focus art founding.

What are your suggestions on how we can celebrate? Come as you are, paintbrushes or pencils in hand and let’s share what we have done. What we are doing and what we want to do for 2021. We will also be presenting the fundraising campaign for the arts & culture center!

See Linda Geisel’s and Katherine Burke’s letters below.

Unfortunately, due to lack of committed participation, we have had to cancel our Wednesday afternoon paint ins at the OPG visitors center for December, January, and February. The visitors center is closed for the winter months but the OPG visitor center management has been opening the building and staffing it in order for focus art members to have their paint ins.

The attendance has been dwindling and on many Wednesdays, there has been no one attending. It is unfair for us to ask the OPG visitors center management to continue to open and staff the building for us if we cannot guarantee good attendance. If there are enough people who can guarantee their participation, I will gladly contact the management at OPG visitors center and arrange to continue the paint ins.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you.

Linda Lou Phillips


L’association focus art association

Letter from Linda Geisel

Focus Art Association is recognized as one of the strong pillars in the visual art community. Our strength lies in our robust membership, well attended educational meetings, and our notable exhibitions. In the past few years, the focus art has also reached out to support local initiatives, annually fund a bursary to a student entering fine art or graphic program. It supported the seeker’s choice award for the visual artist of the year. These are only some of our efforts to promote art in our community. As the chair of the arts’ division of the fundraising team for the art center, I am deeply grateful, though not surprised, for the generous donation of $6000 to the renovation project. For those of you who are unaware, I have attached the “be the link” cover letter from the fundraising campaign.

As an individual member, you too have an opportunity to contribute. Claudette pilon. Your past treasurer has stepped up to join me in assisting you to make your donation.

Here are two ways to contribute:

1. You can use the attached pledge form to submit your donation directly to the Finance department of the city of Cornwall, located at the civic complex.

2. You can remit your donation to Claudette or me at a focused art monthly Meeting and we will relay your donation to the city from where you will receive a tax receipt. We have up to the end of June to raise one million dollars. We are confident that we will We have up to the end of June to raise one million dollars. We are confident that we will reach this goal. Since we began our campaign in late November, over $100,000 in

Donations and pledges were raised. I urge you to be part of this link and make a contribution to the future of art in Cornwall. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

With grateful hearts,

Linda Geisel and Claudette Pilon

Letter from Katherine Burke

Be the link! Fundraising campaign for the arts & culture center!

Dear Friend,

In April of 2018, the city of Cornwall purchased the former Bank of Montreal building at 159 Pitt Street to be the home of the arts & culture center. With a performance venue and Exhibition Space, the arts center will support the arts, improve the quality of life in our community, promote tourism and attract new businesses and employment to Cornwall.

With the support and cooperation of the city of Cornwall, we have established a Community fundraising committee to help pay for the renovations to convert this classic Beaux-arts building into the arts & culture center of Cornwall. We invite you to be the Link that makes this dream a reality.

Please assist the campaign by making a donation. The city of Cornwall is empowered to issue a charitable tax receipt for donations. Cheques should be made out to the city of Cornwall – Art Trust Fund. Cheques can be mailed or delivered to the city of Cornwall, 100 Water Street, East, Suite 104, PO Box 877, Cornwall.

The city will also accept pledges from donors who wish to make serial donations of equal installments over a period of years. If you wish to follow this practice, please complete the attached form.

Yours Truly,

Katherine Burke,

Chair Of The Community Fundraising Committee For The Arts & Culture Center Of Cornwall

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