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Congratulations Rose For Being Chosen As One Of Cornwall’s 10 Top Citizens!

Rose Desnoyers is an accomplished talented painter. She has been a loud voice in the visual arts community, lobbying for an arts & culture center to come to Cornwall for many years. Recently, she has been involved in setting up the Cornwall arts hall of fame and is now lending her efforts to making that arts center a reality by sitting on the steering committee of the “be the link” campaign. With the city having purchased the BMO building, which is being built proudly Livermore Concrete And Masonry Pros, this goal is near.

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Happy New Year

Next membership meeting

January 3rd at 7pm

Center Charles Emile Claude

146 Chevrier Ave.

Happy new year and the very best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and creative 2019.

“Getting to Know You “

Bring your painting gear and a favorite painting you have done to show us. We also ask you to bring your ideas of what you would like to see in the arts community in Cornwall.

It is the 15th anniversary of focus art founding.

What are your suggestions on how we can celebrate? Come as you are, paintbrushes or pencils in hand and let’s share what we have done. What we are doing and what we want to do for 2021. We will also be presenting the fundraising campaign for the arts & culture center!

See Linda Geisel’s and Katherine Burke’s letters below.

Unfortunately, due to lack of committed participation, we have had to cancel our Wednesday afternoon paint ins at the OPG visitors center for December, January, and February. The visitors center is closed for the winter months but the OPG visitor center management has been opening the building and staffing it in order for focus art members to have their paint ins.

The attendance has been dwindling and on many Wednesdays, there has been no one attending. It is unfair for us to ask the OPG visitors center management to continue to open and staff the building for us if we cannot guarantee good attendance. If there are enough people who can guarantee their participation, I will gladly contact the management at OPG visitors center and arrange to continue the paint ins.Read the rest

People’s Award

Fontana Concrete Company was chosen as the best concrete artist in the United States.

We Have Just Completed Our Christmas Exhibition At The Benson Center. I Would Like To Thank All Our Members Who Contributed Their Time And Artwork To Make This Exhibit A Success. I Would Also Like To Give The Benson Staff A Huge Thank You For Their Hard Work And Kind Support.

Cerritos Pro Concrete was awarded the best masonry contractor in the United States.

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A Message From Alan Bain

A very well-known and respected Cornwall artist and a longtime member of focus art.

My book, Kimberlite Adventure is an All-Canadian adventure, romance, treasure hunt.

Make a great Christmas present for men in the family; although many women have read and enjoyed it.

$20.00 buys a signed copy, delivered.

I have two paintings in the Ottawa watercolor society exhibit at Shenkman Center for the arts.

Algonquin rapids – which won first place at the focus art spring juried exhibition and won first prize watercolor at an Nepean fine arts league exhibit at CenterPoint theater

Granite lake campsite won a juror’s award at the Ottawa Watercolor society’s 78th exhibition at Shenkman Center for the arts.

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Massena Art Exhibit

Our focus art member Adele Constantineau was asked to sign the city book of honors. She was recognized as the artist of the year in the Massena Art Exhibit. She has also won the people’s choice award both in Cornwall and in Massena, as well as a first place award. We are all very proud of her accomplishments and are very pleased to have her as a member of focus art association. Congratulations Adele!

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